Centenary Tour Calendar


  Tour Dates     Tour Title    Places Remaining  
   Wed 20th - Sun 24th August      First Shots; the Battle of Mons    15  
   Tue 9th - Sat 14th September      The Retreat to the Marne & Advance to the Aisne    11  
   Sat 8th - Wed 12th November      The First Battle of Ypres    15  
   Sat 7th - Wed 11th March      The Battles of Neuve Chapelle & Aubers Ridge   12  
   Sun 19th - Thur 23rd April      Second Battle of Ypres; German Gas Attacks    15  
   Tue 22nd - Sat 26th September      The Battle of Loos    10  
   Wed 19th - Sun 23rd February      Verdun and the French Battlefields    12  
   Tue 28th June - Sat 2nd July      The Battle of the Somme    14  
   Tue 19th - Sat 23rd July      Enter the Australians; Fromelles to Amiens    15  
   Mon 12th - Fri 16th September      Tanks & Attrition on the Somme    12  
   Thur 6th - Mon 10th April      The Canadians at Vimy and other Battlefields   12  
   Sun 4th - Thurs 8th June      The Battle of Messines & the War Underground    15  
   Fri 28th July - Tue 1st August      Passchendaele; Third Battle of Ypres    15  
   Fri 17th - Tue 21st Nov      Cambrai; the Great Tank Battle    15  
   Sat 17th - Wed 21st March      Kaiserschlacht; Kaiser's Battle    12  
   Sun 22nd - Thurs 26th April      A.I.F (1916 - 1918); Fromelles to Bellinglise    15  
   Thur 8th - Mon 12th November      Advance to Victory & Armistice    12  

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