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  Link image - The Long, Long Trail  
The Long, Long Trail is the most popular site for researching all aspects of the Great War. It has just been updated and is very easy to navigate. For those customers who have a particular  question that needs answering, then you can sign up to the sites forum, which they have rebadged as "Ask Away". Sign up is required.


  Link image - the Commonwealth War Graves Commission  
The Commonwealth War Grave Commission's website is much more than just a searchable database! It has developed in to an excellent website for those seeking information on the Great War campaigns, particularly targetted at educating the younger visitor. The Commission publishes a range of free leaflets on many subjects associated with their work, including the development of cemeteries, specific to a particular campaign or battle. 


  Link image - The Australian War Memorial  
The Australian War Memorial site incorporates Australian's at war and family research. A superb website, invaluable to anybody who has an interest in Australia's participation in the Great War. All service records are downloadable, for FREE! You can also download all the Australian war diaries (and a few British ones) and Australian Red Cross records. 




  Link image - The National Archives, Kew  
The National Archives at Kew has been the cornerstone of our battlefield tour research for many years. Each tour undertaken invariably means a visit; to search for soldiers service records, obtain operational orders from the war diaries and to copy the all important maps. Their website continues to develop and more records are available for download, although there is always a cost! For those records which are not downloadable, they offer a search and copy facility but a sound knowledge of war diaries is advisable before making a payment.
A further development has involved contracting out the availability of on line First World War soldier's service records to ANCESTRY. Payment is required however.


  Link image - Centre for First World War Studies, University of Birmingham  
I first became aware of the University of Birmingham Centre for First World War Studies  site after attending a W.F.A (Western Front Association) seminar. Several members I spoke to had enrolled for various study courses. Many of the students dissertations are available to read on line! It has an events calendar (although not up to date), Great War news pages and a book review page.


  Link image - The First World War Poetry Digital Archive  
The First World War Poetry Digital Archive was established in 2008 to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the end of the Great War. It has a searchable database containing written and audio accounts gathered from peoples private collections; some of which have never been published before! The "Poetry Digital Archive" title is a little misleading, because the site offers so much more.


   Link image - Canadian Great War Archives, Records and Collections   Canadian Great War Archives, Records and Collections is similar to that of the Australian War Memorial site, however full service records have to be paid for, but a soldiers attestation paper (front and back cover) - giving a soldiers personal details - is free to download. I have used the site frequently to download Canadian unit war diaries; again all free of charge; come on National Archives, offer the same service!  



Links supported by Western Front Battlefield Tours

   Links page  
Excellent self catering accommodation in the heart of the Somme battlefields, We have used Chavasse Farm on many occasions. Each of the properties has a good selection of reference books and ideas for self touring the battlefields of the Somme. Owner's Richard and Jonathan are heavily involved with the exavations at La Boiselle.
   links page  
Linesman from Great War Digital is an indispenable software program which allows the user to overlay trench maps, over modern day French & Belgium maps, giving accuracy never before seen! All battlefield guides take pride in knowing their subject. Relaying trench location information to customers in the field has always been a plus point for the specialised battlefield tour. With this software (and either laptop or hand held P.D.A) it allows the amateur to share the secrets of the battlefields. For the professional it means far greater  accuracy, paricularly when used in conjunction with conventional trench maps.
The web site has some excellent screen shots which demonstrate the capability of the software. We use Linesman on all our battlefield tours.


   The Great War magazine  
The Great War magazine is an excellent bi-monthly publication, which rely's on its own customers  contributing articles. It prides itself on being "open door - non elitist, with submission's open to all, regardless of writing experience or academic background".
It comes as a handy sized A5 booklet, consisting of an average of 75 pages. It is Ideal for those who wish to learn more about all facets of the Great War and not just the Western Front.



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